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Would I look better with fuller lips?

Yes, but only in the RIGHT HANDS!!!!

For centuries, women have emphasised the importance on their lips by painting them with bright colours in order to enhance their appeal. In ancient Egypt, red lip sticks and spiced balm oils were already a big trend!!!!!

There is no denying that lips have always played a critical role in human sexual attraction. In the 1940s Norma Jean Mortenson becomes Marylin Monroe when she wears red lip stick with a dramatic impact on the size of her lips. In 1970s The Rolling Stones choose red full lips as their famous logo.

Nowadays too many people are abusing the use of derma filler to alter the size and shape of their lips. Examples of bad lip filler procedures are everywhere, and they are often highlighted by some high profile celebrities who have chosen to go too far by adding too much filler and looking completely unnatural. 

Prior to performing any lip filler procedure, I always assess carefully my patients face anatomy in order to deliver the most natural results which, to me, can only be obtained by keeping proportions and using the most suitable product. I like calling my lip filler signature “Bellucci Lips” which produces beautiful and sensual lips which are not overdone or unnatural in appearance. At GC Aesthetic clinic I only use the top brands.

Is lip filler suitable for men?

Yes, lip filler is suitable for men too. However, when they attend consultation, I find that their main worry with undergoing lip filler is the risk of feminisation. Thus, avoiding this is my number one priority.

I really enjoy performing this procedure on male patients and I do think that results can be terrificas long as proportion is kept. In fact, it is important to study all facial proportions that define masculine traits before performing any procedure. Choosing the right product is also essential to achieve the most natural and effective results.

Men do not want to look treated at all and that is why I like using on them softer products like JuvedermVolbella, which are placed in the body of the lips to add gentle fullness without altering the shape. Most of my clients are so pleased on how quickly their lips settle after their treatments and how natural it feels. 

Does the procedure hurt?

Depending on individual pain threshold, some people might experience some discomfort during the procedure. However, the pain will be made more manageable by using topical numbing cream prior to injecting. In addition to this, all fillers I use at GC Aesthetic contain local anaesthesia which will help make the whole treatment more comfortable for the patient.