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Why do I have dark circles and hollowing under the eyes?

Factors that can cause your eyes to look tired, dark,and hollow are numerous. The main common factors are:

  • Sleep deprivation. With a busy life, it is very difficult to get 8full hours of rest at night.
  • Dehydration. With people not drinking enough water during the day, the skin under the eyes become dry and sunken.
  • Genetic.
  • Skin colour.
  • Aging.
  • Pathologic. Lack of iron can emphasize the darkness around the eyes. If this is associated with other symptoms like chronic fatigue, the patient is advised to see their GP’s.

What treatment can you have it done at Colicci Aesthetics to improve your undereye area?

As I have explained above, dark circles and hollowing under the eyes can be caused by many factors. For this reason, I always adopt a holistic approach when treating this delicate area, which is clinically referred to as the tear trough area. Upon assessment, I like exploring my patient’s lifestyle as sometimes the cause of the issue may be linked to their daily habits which may need to be adjusted. Often,clients have a poor skincare regimeso I recommend a more tailored product selection that could improve the appearance of their dark circles and improve skin texture.

When lifestyle adjustments and medicated creams are not enough to fix the tear trough deformity,derma filler injection is the perfect solution. Aesthetic medicine has evolved a lot in the last few years and more advanced products have been made, which produce great results. At Colicci Aesthetics,I only use best products which are specific for treating the tear trough. Redensity II and Restylane Eyelight areHA-based derma fillersformulated in a specific way. Unlike other derma fillers they do not attract much water in situ, resulting in less swellings and fewer side effects.

Does tear trough derma filler injection hurt? Filler under the eyes is administered through a very thin and flexible cannula which cause very little discomfort and allows a fast recovery. Procedure last around 15 minutes and follow up is scheduled after 14 days.