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Is Profhilo treatment right for me?

Its unique formula makes Profhilo suitable for most patients and skin types. It contains a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that not only helps boost the skin by hydrating it from within, but also restructures the subcutaneous tissues.

Profhilo can be used as a treatment on its own on young patients or it can be combined with other anti-ageing treatments to get even greater results on skin that has suffered from the aging process.

Spring is the optimum time to have the treatment done, just before summer when sun exposure can cause maximum skin damage. Profhilo stimulates the production of four different types of collagen and elastin by slow release of its high HA concentration, making your skin ready for the beach.


At Colicci Aesthetics I use Profhilo for the rejuvenation of the face, neck, decolletage and hands which are the first areas to show signs of aging. Have you have ever wondered why the skin becomes thinner with age, in particular on the hands and neck? As you grow older, the body produces less collagen, HA and elastin. These substances are the building blocks of the skin and help prevent wrinkles, provide laxity, and prevent moisture loss. While genetics has an impact on how much collagen you lose with age, environmental factors accelerate this deteriorating process. Less collagen production means that your skin cells are not able to repair themselves as fast as before and results in skin thinning. Profhilo increases the production of HA and elastin from within and helps the skin to repair faster, resulting in thicker skin and more youthful look.


People usually need two sessions of Profhilo treatment, one month apart, every year in order to get the best results and prevent the skin from being affected by the ageing process. At Colicci Aesthetic I can offer a tailored programme to meet your exact skin type in order to achieve the optimum results.